Exploring the Benefits Past Pleasure for National Sex Toy Day

It’s National Sex Toy Day! Here, Owner of Adulttoymegastore Nicola Relph gives us her insight into the best benefits Sex Toys provide us and how they go past more than just supplying pleasure.

Why are sexsex toys important to you?

As the owner of Adulttoymegastore, I’ve been involved with the industry for over 12 years and sex toys are an important part of my life. To me, sex toys are so much more than just products. They’re tools that can help people to have happier and more fulfilling sex lives.

What do youyou think the best benefits are from owning sex toys?

There are so many benefits to owning sex toys! From a pleasure point of view, sex toys enable people to take pleasure into their own hands, help them to reach orgasm, keep a sexual relationship exciting, and explore their bodies in more ways than they could on their own. They enable people to open new pathways to pleasure and enhance their sexual wellbeing and happiness.

From a sexual health perspective, a lot of people use sex toys for more reasons than just pleasure. Dilatators and Kegel balls can help to treat sexual health concerns such as Vaginismus, incontinence, or to assist with recovery for people who have gone through cancer treatment.

There are also products for erectile dysfunction, such as penis sleeves, pumps, cock rings and winged masturbators, which are essential tools for people experiencing the condition. Then you have products suited for people who have disabilities, such as mobility issues, and people who encounter painful sex. Sex toys are also used by people who have gone through traumatic sexual experiences to help them reconnect with their bodies and pleasure systems again.

Why should sexsex toys be celebrated?

Sex toys should be celebrated because they are tools for enhancing our sexual wellbeing and happiness. While the term ‘toys’ may cause some people to see sex toys as entertainment, I don’t see sexual wellness as entertainment. I see it as an important part of a person’s wellbeing and needs to be catered for. For many, sex toys help them to do that, and I think that’s a reason for celebration!

What do youyou hope to see in the space by national sex toy day 2022?

I hope that over the next 12 months more people see sex toys for what they really are; tools for enhancing our sex lives and sexual wellbeing. I’d like to see more people celebrating National Sex Toy Day and acknowledging these great tools for what they can do.

What is thethe product of choice from the team on this very important day?

Sutra by Share Satisfaction is our newest best-seller and is a great example of what sex toys can do. It’s a dual stimulation toy with strong internal vibrators and external clitoral suction, but it’s also very flexible, meaning you can use the vibrator and suction parts separately.

For penis owners, the Satisfyer Men Wand is one of our best sellers and is perfect for solo or coupled’ play and it’s affordable. It’s like a wand vibrator, but designed for penises, and it’s very strong and effective!