Libra encourages liberation from period stigma

Libra has released a new campaign encouraging women to break the cycle of societies expectations when it comes to our periods.

The ad is a fantastic look into the empowerment women can have when they challenge expectations of society and live life as they want. #LiveLiberated tackles taboos and stigma, showing women are strong and beautiful no matter what form they may take.

Caitlin Patterson, GM for Libra’s parent company Asaleo, says this conversations need to continue this way to normalise periods and how we deal with them.

“Following on from breaking new ground and challenging period taboos head on with #BloodNormal in 2019, our new research of 1,000 Australians found an alarming 91 percent of women feel that society places pressure on them, with a further quarter (26 percent) feeling stifled and suffocated as a result.”

“With 4 in 5 women (78 percent) still feeling like there is a stigma attached to periods, #LiveLiberated challenges the status quo and invites everyone to share their own experiences. Libra wants to help to empower individuals to feel liberated from societal pressures and not feel they need to conform to unattainable standards of perfection.”

The campaign, which seeks to create a rally cry, will act as a daily inspiration to encourage women and girls to both challenge and liberate themselves from societal pressures and expectations.