Toys, Kinks, Health & Wellness: New study shows Kiwis are clued up and turned on

Sex and wellbeing has hit the mainstream, with sex positive show’s like Sex Education, Sex/Life and steamy scenes from Bridgerton taking the spotlight in 2021. But how much is what we’re seeing on screen finding its way to the bedroom? Overall, retailer Lovehoney found that Kiwi’s are a sexually happy bunch, having sex at least once a week (47%) on average, with 19% of us doing it 1-2 times per week. Interestingly, Kiwi’s are focussed on the most important aspect of sex, quality, over quantity.

When it comes to which generation is the most sexually active, Millennial’s are leading the charge, with people aged between 25-34 having the most sex, closely followed by Gen Z and Gen X.

Bring out thethe toys

Kiwi’s are heavily invested in their sexual happiness and have a keen interest in sex toys. Over 6 in 10 agree that using a sex toy enhances their self-pleasure experience, and a whopping 90% agree that using a sex toy enhances the experience with a partner.

 Whilst around half agree that sex toys help them orgasm and to elevate their sexual experience, 60% of people who regularly use sex toys are open to trying more.

Lovehoney Ambassador and Psycho Sexologist Chantelle Otten agrees that sex toys can be a great way to enhance sexual pleasure: “Sex toys are an amazing way to level up your pleasure and can be an exciting way to increase desire and sexual satisfaction between you and your partner. Designed to be an extension of your sexual potential, sex toys provide wonderful opportunities to try something different in the bedroom and can help you and your partner discover new ways to connect, plus increase the quality of your sexual encounters”


The most popular sex toys amongst Kiwi’s are:

  1. Dildo 43%
  2. Clitoral Stimulator 32%
  3. Cock ring 26%
  4. G-spot vibrator 23%
  5. Rabbit Vibrator 19%

We’re doing itit for our health

Kiwi’s are passionate about sexual wellness and over half (53%) agree that sex is good for their overall wellbeing and makes them feel closer to their partner. The survey also revealed strong correlation between sex and mental health with many Kiwi’s stating that sex is good for their mental health (48%) and makes them happier (44%). Lovehoney sexologist Chantelle Otten believes the relationship between sex and wellbeing is only increasing:

“Many of us spent a lot of 2021 in lockdown which has undoubtedly impacted our mental health and overall well being. However, sex has been one of the driving factors to boost mental wellbeing during these unprecedented times. With us coming into the festive season, what better way than enjoying some intimacy with yourself or a partner to get those happy endorphins flowing and get into the celebratory spirit?”

Not as kinkykinky as we like to think

Queenstown has been dubbed the adventure capital of the world, however this doesn’t seem to be translating to the bedroom.  While half of Kiwi’s (50%) consider themselves to be very sexually adventurous, most aren’t as kinky as they claim, with only a small selection having participated in more ‘risque’ sexual acts such as phone sex (28%), video sex (18%), and group sex (17%). Unsuprisingly, over half of Kiwis (51%) have had sex outdoors, with New Zealanders known to love outdoor activities.

Lovehoney Ambassador and Sex Coach Cam Fraser said: “A kink is anything sexual that can be considered to fall outside of convention, and is differnet for everyone. Some things that commonly are referred to as kink include BDSM, role play and fetishes.

“There are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around when it comes to kinks but being kinky doesn’t have to be hard core bondgae and dominant play, it can be something like blindfolding a partner, dressing in a role-play outfit or trying something you enjoy, such as kissing or licking, on different parts of the body to see if you enjoy it. As with any type of sexual play, the most important thing is communication with your partner and setting boundaries – work out what you’re both interested in trying and experiment!”

Going it alonealone

Prioritising your own sexual wellbeing and pleasure is a hot topic, and this sentiment rang true with New Zealanders, with 2 in 5 Kiwi’s masturbating at least once per week. Why? Because it “feels good” (61%), we’re “feeling horny” (40%) and want “to orgasm” (39%). The survey also shone a light on Kiwi’s love for mutual masturbation, with 49% having masturbated with a partner, and 5% stating masturbation as their prefered sexual method.

Fraser commented: “While there is some stigma around the act of self-love, masturbation is a completely healthy and normal behavior with an amazing range of benefits.There is  also so much to be gained from mutual masturbation. One of the biggest benefits is that it’s basically a masterclass on how your partner likes to be touched. You’ve both got front row seats to a demonstration on what gets your partner off! Playing and climaxing together can also relieve stress, and insomnia, help alleviate pain and even keep you looking younger and living longer.”