Pillow Play: The Latest In Valentines Entertainment

In a world where maintaining a healthy and fulfilling intimate relationship is increasingly challenging, a new initiative called “Pillow Play” is taking center stage. Developed by Alice Child, a renowned Somatic Sexologist and Sex Counsellor, Pillow Play aims to amp up couples’ experiences in the bedroom by combining education with entertainment.

This collection of sex and intimacy games, videos, and demonstrations is designed to help couples learn new skills, spice up date nights, and deepen their connection in a playful and engaging way.

Alice Child, with her extensive background as a Somatic Sexologist and Sex Counsellor, understands the intricacies of intimacy. Recognizing the need for couples to shift from pressure to pleasure in their sexual relationships, she curated and designed Pillow Play as a unique solution. Her expertise ensures that the collection covers a broad spectrum of topics and skills, catering to couples with varying interests and comfort levels.

“Many of the couples I work with in session need to learn how to get back to pleasure – instead of pressure – when it comes to sex,” she says.

One of the distinguishing features of Pillow Play is its “spice ratings,” which allow couples to choose the level of intensity they are comfortable with. From mild to wild, the games encompass a range of topics, including sexual communication, learning erotic touch, establishing boundaries, enhancing sexual and body confidence, and introducing new skills such as dirty talk, kink, and tantra.

The primary goal of Pillow Play is to bring back the joy, playfulness, and communication that often get lost in the pressures of daily life.

“Pillow Talk has been designed to help couples have fun, learn new skills, try new things, and deepen their chemistry, connection, playfulness & communication. Rather than spending money on a fancy dinner or physical gifts, Pillow Talk is a great option for couples who want to invest in their relationship and intimacy this Valentine’s Day.”

Child emphasises that many couples she works with struggle to reconnect with pleasure instead of feeling pressure when it comes to sex. Pillow Play offers a platform for couples to not only have fun but also to learn new skills, try new things, and deepen their chemistry.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Pillow Play emerges as an innovative alternative to the conventional gifts and expensive dinners. Alice Child suggests that investing in Pillow Play is a meaningful way for couples to celebrate their love and intimacy. Instead of material gifts, couples can invest in experiences that will contribute to the longevity and vitality of their relationship.

Child’s expertise and the diverse range of games ensure that Pillow Play is not just another collection of adult content but a carefully crafted tool for couples seeking to deepen their connection, playfulness, and communication.