Spread your legs to help stop the spread this Valentine’s Day

Instead of using dating apps to find a match this Valentine’s Day, New Zealand’s largest online adult retailer, Adulttoymegastore, is encouraging people to take their pleasure into their own hands and swipe right to their ideal sex toy match instead.

The Wellington-based retailer has turned some of its most popular sex toys into dating app profiles that Kiwis can swipe through to find their ideal match, with the aim of inspiring New Zealanders to explore their own bodies and what feels good, and to not feel ashamed for it.  

The sex-positive campaign runs throughout Love Month (February 2022) and aims to normalise and destigmatise sexual pleasure, masturbation and sex toys for singles and couples alike by encouraging people to ‘speed date’ the country’s most popular sex toy types and get their Valentine’s Day date delivered safely and discreetly to their door.

Commenting on the aim of the campaign, Emma Hewitt, a sex educator and sex toy expert with Adulttoymegastore and host of sexual wellness podcast, The Electric Rodeo, said:

“Valentine’s Day is all about love, and that includes sexual pleasure and intimacy with ourselves or with a partner. Not only does sexual pleasure feel good, but it’s also good for us. It increases our libido, makes us feel less stressed, sleep better and so much more,” she explained.   

“Masturbation is healthy, normal and helps us to get to know our own bodies and what feels good, and it’s about time we drop the stigma around it. Sex toys enable us to explore new parts of the body and different sensations and increases the likelihood of reaching orgasm, and as we’re still living in the era of Covid, using sex toys is a safe way to maintain social distancing while satisfying our sexual needs.”

So, put the dating apps aside this Love Month and find your mega match at Adulttoymegastore instead! Having an intimate night in with a new toy, either with yourself or with someone else, is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day this year.