Unveiling the Global Appetite for SexTech: The Countries That Love Sex Toys the Most in 2024

We’re starting 2024 off strong with new trends already emerging for the countries leading the way for interest in sextech.

According to recent research conducted by Healthnews, certain countries have exhibited a remarkable penchant for purchasing sex toys, shedding light on the diverse landscape of human sexual behaviour across the globe.

The top contenders in this ranking are none other than Canada, Sweden, and the United Kingdom – countries known not only for their chilly climates but also for their enthusiastic embrace of sexual exploration. But what exactly lies behind this correlation between climate and climax?


Now, let’s talk numbers. Canadians are leading the charge, searching for sex toys a whopping 188 times per 1,000 internet users each year.

When it comes to sex, Canada is as open-minded as it gets. In 2016, their Parliament researched the impact of porn on society, leading to policies that didn’t stigmatize it. Safety measures are prevalent throughout the country, extending even to airport bathrooms where condom vending machines are as common as maple leaves.


Sweden follows close behind with 163 searches.

In Sweden, people are remarkably open about sex. Nearly 80% of adults are sexually active, but issues like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are openly discussed. When it comes to sex education, awkwardness isn’t in the Swedish dictionary. They embrace nudity and body positivity, which translates into a healthier sex life.

United Kingdom

The UK isn’t far off with 151 searches. It’s like they’re on a mission to warm up those winter nights, right?

What’s truly intriguing is that the 45–54-year-olds own the most sex toys. In fact, 8% of individuals in this demographic possess five or more of these items.

British bedroom behaviour is evolving — less anxiety, more adventure. Over 16% of British men are enjoying a solo toy dance daily, with nearly half discovering the joy during the pandemic. Partner play? Yes, but solo fun takes the throne.

But hold onto your hats – or your toys – because the passion doesn’t stop there. Mexico is giving it their all with 145 searches, and Brazil isn’t lagging far behind at 138. Even across the pond, in countries like Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, the US, and Poland, folks are getting in on the action, with search volumes ranging from 135 to 122 per 1,000 internet users.

Now, before you start assuming it’s all about the European chill, let’s hit pause. The data tells a different story. Surprise, surprise – countries like France (ranking 28th) and Georgia (ranking 29th) aren’t exactly leading the pack. Even Hungary (ranked 30th) isn’t feeling the vibe as much as you’d expect.

But hey, enough about rankings – let’s talk about what’s really getting people excited. From the classic vibes to the kinky contraptions, our top 5 categories cover all bases. Because when it comes to pleasure, everyone’s got their own flavour.

For those interested in delving deeper into the statistics and analysis by country, the full report is available on the Healthnews website, providing invaluable insights into this captivating aspect of human behaviour.

You can read the full survey here.