UK vz NZ – Who are The Most Sex-Obsessed?

FROM MARS have created the 2022 Global Sex index which reveals the world’s most sex-obsessed countries, the world’s most porn-obsessed countries and finally, every country’s favourite sex position and toy.

According to the survey New Zealand is revealed as the 8th most sex-obsessed in the world, being absolutely dominated by the United Kingdom.

To explore and compare the sex lives and interests of people around the world it looked into search data to identify which sex-related terms had been the most searched for over the last year.

From this data, it revealed each country’s favourite sex position, sex toy, and the frequency with which each country searches for sex toys and sex shops. From Mars also took a peek at some country’s porn trends to see which countries were the most porn obsessed and what kind of porn they were most obsessed with.

Dirty Birdies

It seems the humble Kiwi scored high on the list. Coming in 8th as the most ‘sex obsessed’ out of other surveyed countries. To investigate how sex-obsessed each country is, they looked at total search data for a curated list of 48 sex toys and online sex shops (dildo, Lovehoney, etc.) to see which countries were searching for these items and where to find them the most.

They then recorded the results as average searches per 100,000 people per month. The data also showed our favourite position, Reverse Cowgirl, and our favourite toy, the Fleshlight.

But how do we stack up to the winner? You can’t even compare.

Keen Beans

The UK took the top spot, with 3422 average monthly searches per 100,000 people. That’s over a thousand more monthly searches than the next country on this list. When it comes to experimenting with bedroom toys, the Brits are by far the keenest.

The UK also had on average 16,600,000 porn searches per month. For the UK, dirty movies pulls in over 16 million average searches per month.

It also appears the UK has a more homoerotic taste than the other countries in this list, with both the UK’s favourite category and search term being Lesbian.

In addition, Pornhub revealed that searches for the term Lesbian Scissoring saw a 401% increase in the UK from 2020 to 2021, suggesting that the UK really does have an obsession with girl-on-girl action.

We also see from the data that for many countries their favourite categories and search terms revolve around their own nationalities and cultures.

This simply suggests that perhaps unsurprisingly, people love to watch porn starring their native actors and actresses. Or they are just super patriotic, who knows.