What To Look For When Buying Your First Toy

With literally thousands of choices on the market, choosing your first sex toy can be a daunting task. Here, LoveHoney Sexologist’s Cam Fraser and Chantelle Otten give us their steps to picking the perfect self pleasure gift.

Safe starter choices for all genital owners and sexualities  

“When you are looking for your first sex toy, its important to think about what it is you’re looking for from the toy ,” says Cam Fraser.

“What kind of sensations do you like? Where on your body do you like to be touched? Are you looking for internal or external stimulation? Everyone is different and has different preferences.”

Something like a bullet vibrator or a finger vibrator can be a good starting point for external stimulation. Both can be used on either a vulva or a penis, as well as to stimulate other areas of the body such as the nipples or inner thigh. 

Everyone has a butt and if you would like to dip your toe into anal play, I’d recommend starting small and working your way up. Something like this silicone butt plug is a good starting point – remember, a flared base is a must as is plenty of lube. 

If you’re not too sure what you want or like, a kit can be a great starting point. Something like the Lovehoney Wild Weekend kit is great as it includes 11 different toys that you can try out, and it won’t break the bank. Once you find what you like you can upgrade from their

When it comes to sex toy safety, when choosing your perfect sex toy ensure you are going to a reputable company.

The material is just as important as the power, price and function – from silicone to glass and PVC to plastic, there are lots of different sex toy materials available, each with their own benefits.

When it comes to sex toy safety, follow these tips to have the best experience:

  1. Always opt for high quality body safe materials
  2. Always use lube with your sex toys. Water based is preferred. 
  3. When it comes to size, start small and go slowly.  
  4. For those interested in anal play: always ensure that the toy has a flared base so it doesn’t accidently slip inside your or your partner’s anus. (Lube is especially important here as the anus doesn’t lubricate itself naturally. You can find anal lube on Lovehoney. )
  5. Cleanliness: Sex toys should be cleaned after every use. The best way to clean your sex toys is by using hot water, a good-quality sex toy cleaner and a clean dry towel or kitchen roll. Further, if you’re using a toy with a partner, always make sure the toys are properly cleaned before they go from one partner to the other or from the vulva to the anus. 
  6. Consent and communication – if you are trying sex toys for the first time, ensure you are communicating with each other and letting the other person know what feels good or doesn’t feel good, when to stop or slow down. Sex and sexual play should be pleasurable and should never be painful (unless you want it to be).  

Tips for finding what suits 

“As you’re probably already aware, sex toys come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, textures and materials, with many different functionalities each designed to deliver sensations to your pleasure spot,” says Chantelle Otten.

Chantelle Otten

Sex toys can be used for many reasons including:  

  • To experiment with different types of play
  • To discover, explore and expand on sexual preferences
  • To achieve stronger, more intense, and blended orgasms
  • To aid in medical issues such as ED
  • To revolutionise and optimise sexual happiness 

When you’re buying your first sex toy,there are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself. Am I looking for internal stimulation or external? Will I be using the toy alone or with a partner? And what am I comfortable with spending?

Start off with manual masturbation – touch your body in different places and see what feels good for you before you start looking for a sex toy. Or if you have a partner, get them involved and explore if you like their tongue, or dual stimulation of your clitoris and G-spot for example.

Next – do some research. Ensure you’re buying from a company that sells high-quality, body safe products, such as Lovehoney and take some time looking at the different kinds of sex toys out there and what kind of pleasure you are seeking. Whether it be something that vibrates, or something that inserts, try to narrow down your preferences to find the perfect match.

As a beginner I’d always suggest starting small and budget friendly. If you’re a vulva owner seeking clitoral stimulation, a great option for beginners is a bullet vibrator.  If you’re looking to try a suction toy, the ROMP is a great place to start. These kinds of toys are perfect for beginners because they are small in size but offer direct and intense clitorial stimulation. They offer multiple speeds and patterns so you can experiment with what works best for you. They can be used solo, or during sex with a partner. 

If you have a penis, a stroker is a great way to start- it’s small, discreet and easy to use, or cock rings are a nice way to ease into the wide world of sex toys. Plus, they can be used solo or with a partner. 

Starting with less expensive sex toys is a good way to experiment, but it’s also a good idea to look at customer reviews as well as price.

Advice for those unsure where to even start 

Research! Information is key when it comes to selecting the right sex toy for you. Lovehoney has endless blogs and advice guides on how to select the right toy for you. Plus every product has reviews from customers all over the world. 

As well as this, don’t be afraid to ask your friends. They may have some amazing recommendations for you. 

And don’t forget – you can always buy more sex toys so don’t put too much pressure on choosing your first product – if one toys doesn’t work for you there are plenty of other options to try until find the right fit for you.