Sutra Review: A classy way to have your first sex-orcism

By a Nak-Ed Guest Writer

Much like the popular Drake song, where do I really even start?

I guess from the beginning. 

The newest kid on the block is the Sutra by Share Satisfaction, which is New Zealand’s newest adult toy brand which can be found at Adulttoymegastore as well as all leading adult stores across the country.

Similar to the popular Kama but smaller, the Sutra shares Kama’s horseshoe shape and capabilities. Coming in at a mere 8.5 x 3.5 x 2.85cm, the Sutra is a great option for those like me who don’t have a lot of experience with insertion vibrators. 

The user manual describes it as a game changer, and after my first round I couldn’t help but agree. 

Like I mentioned previously, I don’t have a lot of experience using self pleasure toys. My range of bedside toys is restricted to two small bullets, not exactly a pro’s treasure chest of goodies. 

Unboxing the Sutra made me feel like an Influencer, and not even one
of those budget New Zealand ones. The boxing and the case itself felt
higher class than I would have thought. Not that I expected it to arrive
in a potato sack with “VIBRATOR” written on the side but it was a nice
surprise nonetheless. 

The vibrator itself comes in a clamshell charging and storage case – and as a white girl who absolutely froths a clamshell case anything, it was worth it alone just for this. 


I waited impatiently for it to be charged, after not long I decided now would be as good a time as ever to test out this new ride. The Sutra comes with 5 suction modes for the clit facing side, and 10 vibrating modes for the insertion side. 

I played with the settings first to get a better sense of how it operates. The vibration when it’s not inserted inside sounded similar to a small power tool when on the max setting. For someone new to the game, this was slightly intimidating.

Clamshell Case

I first thought, how intense is this going to be?

Then I thought, should I get warmed up?

Perhaps think up some sexy scenarios in my head or watch something?

But then I decided to experiment first to get to know the toy and worry about getting turned on later. 

It took a bit of shuffling around to get the positioning right, the toy is quite flexible and moves into the right curve for your shape, but once I got it in place I clicked go.

Needless to say I didn’t get past the first level. 

Not to be dramatic, but once I got the vibrator directly on my clitoris and the vibration setting on the internal part of the toy, I immediately started having an out of body experience.

Not a dreamy experience where angels sing and the lights get brighter, but more like that crazy bitch in the Exorcism of Emily Rose when she comes down the stairs backwards with her back arched and eyes rolled back, screaming. 

I was Emily Rose, and my exorcism was through my vagina. 

Once I returned to my unpossessed state, which embarrassingly only took about 90 seconds, I realised for the first time in my life I had squirted. I sat there in, puddle bound in a state of shock, and then could only laugh at the absurdity of the last two minutes. 

I’m someone who mostly orgasms through sex and clitoral stimulation combined rather than clitoral stimulation on its own. I’m really sensitive down there and find direct clitoral stimulation on its own quite intense. However this toy is a perfect match for me as it curves up inside to vibrate against your G-Spot so it’s almost a similar sensation to having sex, but turned up to max intensity. 

I’m looking forward to getting my partner involved in the fun, although he won’t be able to join in I’m sure he’ll appreciate the show. 

The power this toy holds for its size is incredible. The Sutra vibrator feels classy and discrete. The clam shell container it’s stored in looks like a makeup set, so if someone was rifling through your drawers or you were looking to take a toy away on a trip, this would be my recommendation. 

On top of that, the toy is waterproof and eco-friendly. It’s made from silicon that is easy to clean and comes with a 12 month warranty. So if you’re really hammering it, or if it’s really hammering you, it’s a smart choice. 

Just make sure if you’re a first time user to put a towel down first.